Sakuntala's Ring
Act 4
Sakuntala overlooks the arrival of Durvasa, who is in touch with the world of gods. He perceives Sakuntala's behavior as sacrilege and utters one of his dreaded curses: Sakuntala is to be forgotten by her lover Dusyanta. The curse takes effect immediately. After Sakuntala receives no news from Dusyanta, she decides to visit him personally at the royal court and confront him.
Antoine Leisure
Sakuntala is completely absorbed in her love for Dusyanta and waits for his return.
While Sakuntala is deep in thought, the sinister Durvasa enters the sacred grove.
Despite his fearsome appearance, Durvasa must always be welcomed with the utmost respect.
Sakuntala has no eyes for the outside world. That is why she overlooks the arrival of Durvasa, who is gifted with magical powers.
Durvasa considers it an outrage that he has been slighted by Sakuntala. He utters one of his dreaded magical curses: Sakuntala is to be forgotten by her lover Dusyanta.
Durvasa's curse can only be reversed if Sakuntala shows Dusyanta the ring he gave her as a sign of his love.
Sakuntala waits day and night in vain for a message from Dusyanta.
As soon as Durvasa utters the curse, the spell takes effect. The spirits are at work.
In her grief, Sakuntala decides to travel to the royal court to see Dusyanta in person. She wants to confront him and ask him why he has broken his promise.
Sakuntala takes her fate into her own hands.
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