Sakuntala's Ring
Act 3
Sakuntala falls into a state between waking and sleeping. Dusyanta first observes his beloved from a hiding place. As he approaches, Sakuntala feels as if her lover is coming to her directly from a dream. They unite and marry in secret, but Dusyanta must return to the royal court on business. He promises Sakuntala that he will come back to her. Sakuntala dances with joy.
Jiahuan Wang
Peace has returned to the sacred grove.
After fending off the attack, Sakuntala falls into a state between waking and sleeping.
Dusyanta observes his beloved from afar.
In her sleep, dream and reality have become intertwined for Sakuntala.
Joined together, Sakuntala and Dusyanta forget time and place.
Dusyanta and Sakuntala decide to marry without waiting for Sakuntala's father to return.
As king, Dusyanta is obliged to travel to the capital. He promises Sakuntala that he will return soon.
Despite Dusyanta's departure, Sakuntala is full of joy. She dances exuberantly.
A long period of waiting begins for Sakuntala.
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