Sakuntala's Ring
Act 7
The demons gain in strength. Dusyanta throws himself into the fight. He overcomes his melancholy and defeats the army of dark forces. Finally, he reaches the mountain of the demigods. Before he himself perishes in their light, he encounters Sakuntala once again, who appears wearing his ring.
Masanobu Hiraoka
The demons gain in strength and come closer and closer.
Dusyanta is not deterred and confronts the demons.
Thoughts of Sakuntala give Dusyanta the strength to withstand the battle.
Dusyanta fends off the monsters with his last ounce of strength.
Dusyanta fights his way back and arrives in an area completely unknown to him.
The mountain of the demigods towers in front of Dusyanta. People rarely stray here.
It is still deep night when Dusyanta enters a forest at the foot of the mountain. He follows the rays of light shining through the branches.
Dusyanta cannot tell how much time has passed before he crosses the forest and reaches the top of the mountain. The light he has been following grows stronger and stronger.
Before Dusyanta passes away in the light of the demigods, a woman appears to him. He recognizes Sakuntala from her ring, which is exactly like the one he is wearing. As the image dissolves again, Dusyanta hears her voice: "Here I am." With this sentence, also the actress enters the stage in Kalidasa's "Sakuntala".
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