Sakuntala's Ring
Act 1
Sakuntala lives with her father in a sacred grove. The young king Dusyanta, also in the area on a hunting expedition, meets Sakuntala and the two fall madly for each other. Before Dusyanta takes his leave, he gives Sakuntala a precious ring with his name engraved on it, as a token of his love.
Alice Bloomfield
Dusyanta, on a hunting expedition, delves deeper and deeper into the forest.
The young king Dusyanta makes his way through the undergrowth.
As the forest clears, Dusyanta discovers a sacred grove. He cautiously enters this peaceful place and catches sight of Sakuntala.
Sakuntala lives with her father in this grove. Plants, animals, gods and spirits are worshiped here.
Completely absorbed in nature, Sakuntala does not notice Dusyanta at first.
Sakuntala senses that she is being watched and turns her gaze to Dusyanta.
As Sakuntala and Dusyanta lock eyes, they fall madly in love.
Dusyanta takes a step towards Sakuntala. He wishes to tell her his name.
Before Dusyanta leaves the grove, he gives Sakuntala his ring with his name engraved on it. It is now Sakuntala's ring.
Wearing Dusyanta's ring, Sakuntala is overwhelmed by emotions.
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