Sakuntala's Ring
Act 6
After Dusyanta treats her like a stranger, Sakuntala is at a loss. She ponders what her next steps might be. Meanwhile, a carp has swallowed the ring that Sakuntala had lost on her journey by the river. A fisherman catches the carp and discovers the ring. He takes it to Dusyanta, which breaks Durvasa's curse. Hi memory regained, Dusyanta is able to recall his beloved Sakuntala.
Raman Djafari
A new day begins. A beautiful red carp swims through the river and swallows a ring. It is Sakuntala's ring.
One day, a fisherman is walking along the river and spots the red carp. He manages to catch the magnificent animal with a spear.
When the fisherman guts the carp, he discovers a valuable ring that shines like an eye.
The fisherman decides to give the ring to the king.
Dusyanta puts the ring on his finger and immediately remembers Sakuntala and their love.
While Dusyanta thinks of his broken promise, he learns of the threat of an approaching army of demons.
Pressed ever harder by the grimacing ghouls, Dusyanta decides to banish the demons. Only then will he be free to find Sakuntala. Destiny takes its course...
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