Sakuntala's Ring
Act 5
Sakuntala sets off on her arduous journey to the royal court. She wants to confront Dusyanta and get answers as to why he broke his promise. On the way, she loses the ring. Once at court, she can no longer find the ring. Because of this missing piece of evidence, she is expelled. In his illustrations, Pete Sharp tells Sakuntala's journey as a bureaucratic nightmare in a parallel universe of the Dusyantanians. Here, the ring has become a paper document.
Pete Sharp
In order to prove herself, Sakuntala must pool all her strengths.
After a long journey, Sakuntala arrives at a river. The area is damp and flooded.
Sakuntala approaches the capital and finally reaches the royal court of Dusyanta. The paper ring is blown into the river.
Due to the lack of proof, Sakuntala is sent away.
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